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About Weston Creek Chiropractic Centre

Our Philosophy

At Weston Creek Chiropractic Centre, our approach is all about you, the patient. Our team is focused on providing customised care to help you achieve your unique goals. We do that by staying up-to-date on the latest evidence-based chiropractic advances and keeping your comfort and wellbeing in mind at all times.

Our History

Our clinic has served the Canberra community for over forty years, and patients have come to rely on our high standards of care. Chiropractors, Dr Samantha Teoh and Dr Timothy Porter work together to help our patients feel and function their best so they can get the most out of life.

Our Approach

Being a patient-centred practice means we take the time to listen to you, so we can understand your concerns and goals. Then we create a care plan designed to help you meet those goals—whether that’s getting out of pain, restoring mobility, or taking your athletic performance to a higher level.

Our patients come from all walks of life and range in age, from primary school students to seniors. One thing they all have in common is a desire to improve their health and function through natural healthcare methods.

In addition to her chiropractic education and training, Samantha is a pharmacist—something you rarely see in a chiropractic clinic. This expertise gives her a unique perspective and ability to tailor care for patients whose medications might make certain types of adjustments contraindicated.


Your health is our number one priority. While we’d love to help every person who walks through our doors achieve their health goals, some conditions are not chiropractic in nature. When that’s the case, we’ll let you know that up-front and refer you to the appropriate type of provider. We’ll never waste your money or your time with care you don’t need.

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