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side plankPilates is a body conditioning routine designed to enhance both mental and physical wellbeing. It aims to improve flexibility and strengthen muscles through controlled movements, either performed on a mat or specialised spring-loaded equipment. These movements build strength, flexibility, and endurance, all while minimising strain.

This exercise method offers numerous benefits for the spine, particularly in alleviating lower back pain.

How Does It Help?

Pilates focuses on core strength, flexibility, and alignment, which are essential for maintaining a healthy spine. By engaging and strengthening the deep abdominal muscles, Pilates helps support the lower back, reducing strain and preventing injury.

The emphasis on controlled movements and proper breathing enhances posture and promotes spinal stability. Additionally, Pilates exercises improve flexibility, allowing for improved range of motion and reduced stiffness. This combination of strengthening and stretching not only relieves existing lower back pain but also helps prevent future issues, making this full-body workout a beneficial holistic approach to spinal health.

A Complement to Chiropractic Care

Pilates complements our chiropractic care at Weston Creek Chiropractic Centre by enhancing core strength, flexibility, and overall body awareness, which are crucial for maintaining spinal alignment and preventing injuries. Through controlled movements and precise exercises, this exercise method helps stabilise the spine and improve posture, reducing the likelihood of recurring back pain and other musculoskeletal issues.

This synergy supports the holistic approach of chiropractic care, promoting overall wellness and facilitating long-term recovery by addressing both the underlying structural issues and the surrounding muscular support systems.

If chiropractors Dr Samantha or Dr Timothy feel you can benefit from Pilates, they will refer you to Elysium Studio Pilates.

About Elysium Studio Pilates

Elysium Studio Pilates, located in Weston Arcade, offers a variety of classes, including matwork, semi-private, reformer, pre & post natal and circuits in a safe, supportive and inclusive environment..

Elyse is the Director/Principal of the studio and an accredited member of the Australian Pilates Method Association. Her passion for this exercise method stems from her intensive two-year rehabilitation following a career-ending back injury in 2011.
She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Dance from the University of Western Sydney and various Pilates certifications, including a Diploma of Contemporary Pilates and Myofascial Slings Practitioner.

Elyse focuses on musculoskeletal conditions, core stability, and rehabilitation, passionately helping clients achieve optimal function. She is the living embodiment of health, wellness, and an active lifestyle. As the face of Elysium Studio Pilates, a name chosen not just for its wordplay but for its meaning—a place of perfect happiness—Elyse believes that everyone can achieve this state through Pilates and a healthy lifestyle.

Experience the Benefits Today

Take that first step towards improved strength, flexibility, and less pain by visiting Elysium Studio Pilates for more details on costs, class schedules, and how to get started.


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